Last night I had a very interesting unworkshop session, where I really learned a lot! During the day I was trying to figure out what tags are and I was totally lost. But then in the evening I had this wonderful session and thanks to Jay, Harold and my “classmates” I now understand it quite well. I will try to explain it in my words:

Tags are something like favourites in the Windows Toolbar, just that they are not listed within the IE’s Favourites window but on a webpage. So in general this webpage collects all my links that are interesting for me and subdivides them into categories that I can chose. Have a look at my tags at del.icio.us/carosonne to see how it looks like.

Here a screenshot to make you understand easier:


This is the main page where it shows all my favourites
This is the main page where it shows all my favourites listed on the left hand side.On the right hand side you can see my tags, i.e. my categories under which my favourites are saved. As you can see I have 7 tags there. It also shows me how many pages/links can be found under which tag.

If I chose a certain tag, like “unworkshop” it shows me just the links that have been categorized under it:

Here it shows me all links that are related to this special topic. Furthermore it shows me related tags. Sometimes a link is not just saved under one tag. For example our Unworkshop aggregator page is also saved under the tag “aggregators”. Delicious shows me these related tags as well. And of course all my tags to quickly change between them.

I think tags are a very useful tool to manage and store knowledge. It’s not like the favourites where you might lose the overview when you have too many links. Furthermore it gives the opportunity to save your links under different tags so you can just use the appropriate tag and do not have to search in other categories/folders to find it. In fact you can just have one bookmark and from there find all others that you need!


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