Introduction Unworkshop 2 – Learning with Blogs, Wikis and Web 2.0 Tools

So, here it is: My personal Blog about my experiences in the Unworkshop "Learning with Blogs, Wikis and Web 2.0 Tools".

The Unworkshop is an online course about the possibilities in informal learning with the help of the above mentioned methods. I took it during the month of June 2006 as a part of the research for my thesis "E-Learning as a method of internal and external knowledge management" and my work at Orthofix Srl. in Verona, Italy.

The course is devided into a real learning eco system (all words written in bold will be explained in the coming posts):

The information is centered within the Unworkshop Wiki, where readings, assignment and other information like schedule and meetings are posted.
Furthermore there are the sessions in breezecentral and/or vyew book twice a week where a group of E-Learning/Informal Learning specialists introduces us into the different web tools that can be used for informal E-Learning. This part includes also chat and talk with the experts and other course participants through Skype.
In addition for each session an assignment has to be elaborated in small groups with other participants. In general it prepares for the coming session and leads people to collect their own information and share it with others. The results from all assignments have to be posted on each participant's private Blog, where he/she can publish the lessons learned.
By an e-mail community done on googlegroups, these blogs and of course all other information/questions/news are distributed among the participants.
I hope with these blog I will be able to give all interested parties a good overview about possibilities and chances for corporate learning resulting from Blogs, Wikis and Web 2.0 tools. Let's see if we can reach the rainbows end!


3 Responses to Introduction Unworkshop 2 – Learning with Blogs, Wikis and Web 2.0 Tools

  1. Sol says:

    unglaublich womit du dir die Zeit vertreibst… regenbögen uns so. Das muss ich mauri erzählen.. dann kriegst du auch so’n tollen link auf seiner Seite. Doch ich finde das sollte dein Ziel sein…. 😉

  2. Fred says:

    Hi Carolina,

    Thanks for posting on Vyew. We are happy to hear that the e-learning space is getting so much use out of our product.

    Please feel free to email me if you ever need any special consideration for your Vyew room (e.g., increased attendee capacity, increased storage, etc.), as I would be happy to oblige.


    Fred Han
    Manager, Marketing and Business Development

  3. Reza says:

    Hi Carolina,

    Thanks for your recent post on Coming up in mid-July is our new release Vyew 2.0. We believe that this new version will enhance your e-learning process.

    There are many new unique features, but one I believe can fit well for your purposes is the ability to create multi-VyewBooks. You can then divide up your lessons for each class according to their subjects.

    We can provide you with a sneak preview of the software should you be interested. Please email me at for further details.


    Reza Gosal

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